Client: Bharati Mukherjee. Description: Jacket Cover for Bharati Mukherjee's Novel "Leave It To Me". Based on the protagonist "Debbie DiMartino" who is an adopted Indian girl raised in a middle-class American household. Debbie's life takes a twist when she starts searching for her birth mother.

Client: Gene The Werewolf. Description: A concert poster for Pittsburgh Rockers "Gene The Werewolf" show at California University of PA.

Client: Caliente Salsa. Description: Logo design for Caliente Salsa, "The Spiciest Pepper Salsa Legal."

Client: Unilab. Description: A product design for Unilab's Recycled Motor Oil. "Reduce Emissions, Reuse Motor Oil, Recycle The Bottle."

Client: Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. Description: A billboard ad for the Humane Society to encourage future pet owners to think about adoption before choosing their ideal pet.

Client: Slim Fast. Description: A magazine ad for Slim Fast's Diet Calculator smart phone application. A helping hand for your weight-loss goal wherever you go.

Client: Honest Tea. Description: Ad Campaign for Honest Tea inspired by Russian Constructivist political posters from the early 20th century.

Client: Multiple. Description: A variety of garments screen printed and designed by Jeremy Jones.

Client: Alle-Kiski Valley Electric. Description: Vehicle-wrap designs for fleet of company vans.

Client: Weber Grill. Description: A trade-booth layout for Weber Grill to use for promotion at trade shows.